Setting up a SMART Recovery Connecticut email account

Volunteers with SMART Recovery Connecticut can request an email address You need to let us know which email address you’d like. We usually use “first name, initial of last name” (i.e. johnk) but you’re welcome to use a nickname or handle.

The hosting service we use requires us to set up a mailbox if you want to be able to send email from your new email address. For receive-only we could just forward email to another address, but we assume you’ll want to send using your new email address.

You can read your email using any email program or web mail service. Many web mail services can pull emails from other accounts into your mailbox there.

You can just log into our hosting provider’s web mail service with your user name and password.

To use any other service or program (like the email program on your smart phone) you’ll need to enter the following information for incoming email:

Username: (whatever your email address is)
Password: <random_password>
Incoming server name: (see below)
IMAP/POP: IMAP if you’re reading from a program, POP if you’re pulling it into another service

Get incoming email working before setting up outgoing email. You can test incoming email by sending an email to your new address and checking that it shows up in the program or web mail service you use. If your web mail service only checks every 30 minutes, it may take that long to show up.

For outgoing email:

Password: <random password>
Outgoing server name: (see below)
Port: 587

You can test outgoing email by sending an email using your new email address to another email mailbox you own.

Common problems:

  • Some programs throw out the when you enter a user name, but our hosting service requires a user name that looks like an email address. Make sure your user name is the same as your email address
  • If you use STARTTLS you need to use as the incoming and outgoing server name as that’s the name in the server’s TLS certificate and you’ll get dire warnings about the mismatch if you use, and some services will refuse to connect
  • You can change your password if necessary using our hosting provider’s web mail service. It’s buried under Settings \ Account \ Change Password
  • Your mailbox has greylisting enabled, so new senders will be delayed for 5 minutes. Some web sites will not resend emails and don’t work with greylisting
  • You have to set up outgoing email to go through our server as some common anti-spam techniques will result in your emails being refused or going to spam if you send them directly from another service


Gmail has help on how to set up your gmail account to poll an external mailbox for new mail. and how to send emails as a different identity.