Services to Volunteers

SMART Recovery Connecticut can provide these services to volunteers:

  • You can get an email address to use for SMART Recovery activities. This can be a mailbox you check, or just forward to another email account. (This means you don’t need to publish your personal email address on the SMART Recovery meeting list.) You can also send email using that address. We now have some notes on setting it up.
  • You can get an account on this site so you can blog here (and update other content).
  • You can use our Twitter, Facebook, and Meetup accounts. (Meetings posted on our Meetup account automatically appear on this site too.)
    • Join the SMART Recovery Connecticut Meetup group and message the group organizer from the Meetup account you want to use as meeting host. Then you can announce your meetings, cancel the meeting on Meetup, etc.
  • We have templates for Craigslist postings.
  • You can join our volunteer email list (
  • We have a CRM system on this site to allow you to track contact details and histories, for example potential sites for new meetings, publicity outlets, etc. There’s a mobile app to access it from your smartphone.
  • We have custom versions of the SMART Recovery tri-fold and Family & Friends tri-fold brochures that you can hand out at face-to-face meetings, or leave at libraries, pharmacies, therapists’ offices, etc.

If you have ideas for other services, please let us know.